Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Here is something that has been on the mind lately:

Recently it has been a worry of mine, that I have become excessively talkative... in the way that where there is a simple sentence to be said, I will contort that sentence into something odd quirky and add little anecdotes and strangeness to it...

Some have mentioned that it is unique and should be celebrated. But alas I am not so sure.

I have found in reality that it causes misunderstandings, annoyances and just plain confusion.

So the thought is: why? I remember that I almost NEVER talked like this... it was just plain quietness, whilst my peers will yap on, I will listen on. They will joke, I only laugh. I talk a rare, and they are in awe... ("holy moly... he saids something... must be serious... ")

But nowadays it still that similar, only that I add... some sort of strangeness to conversations and speech. Has it happened as a result of some form of nervousness? That without those anecdotal evidences and open-ness my words will go unheard?

I will only have to find out as I wrack this silly brain of mine...

Nevertheless, I will also have to continue praying: ask of God to reveal more and to help me simply be myself...

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