Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Here is something that has been on the mind lately:

Recently it has been a worry of mine, that I have become excessively talkative... in the way that where there is a simple sentence to be said, I will contort that sentence into something odd quirky and add little anecdotes and strangeness to it...

Some have mentioned that it is unique and should be celebrated. But alas I am not so sure.

I have found in reality that it causes misunderstandings, annoyances and just plain confusion.

So the thought is: why? I remember that I almost NEVER talked like this... it was just plain quietness, whilst my peers will yap on, I will listen on. They will joke, I only laugh. I talk a rare, and they are in awe... ("holy moly... he saids something... must be serious... ")

But nowadays it still that similar, only that I add... some sort of strangeness to conversations and speech. Has it happened as a result of some form of nervousness? That without those anecdotal evidences and open-ness my words will go unheard?

I will only have to find out as I wrack this silly brain of mine...

Nevertheless, I will also have to continue praying: ask of God to reveal more and to help me simply be myself...

Sunday, February 7, 2010


As of recent

words that describe





out of the ordinary



hmmm ... *yawn*

Monday, January 25, 2010

Can't speak

Can't understand


Monday, July 27, 2009

Update failure

Affirmative... it is correct, utterly true, incomprehensibly of no nonsensical matter...

I have not updated for a very long time

Very very long time




HOWEVER... what I may do is do another bonsai gallery slideshow thing like I did a few years back (somewhere in this blog the old one is)
This time I have lots of new stuff and I will say this in the most humble way: I think I have clearly improved =)

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Dream...

Let's see: a dream

What dream?
The ultimate! (for me... that is...)

See... I would like.. no LOVE to be able to work with Bonsai/Penjing full time

The thought of it gets me so pumped =D
So now, I am going to make a plan and list, the pros and cons, the (potential) struggles and the (potential) outcomes

PLAN from now!

- Learn like hell... enough said. Get into workshops, read, watch videos, TALK TO MASTERS, LOOK AT TREES.
Be more humble in the art, gain wisdom and the way, understand the stances (and potentially the politics) that masters take... rid the mind of the bias and take my own neutral stance.
- Save up cash, get work experience at Bonsai nurseries (Oh I WILL try)
- Continue on with my degree
- Learn more Japanese and try to establish some stronger connections with the international bonsai/penjing people

2009 Summer holidays = If money and exchange rate lets me, I would like to do a 3-4 month apprenticeship at Urushibata's Bonsai School in Shizuoka, Japan.

- Pretty much same as above, aim for more apprenticeship-ness and Japan travelling

But really... there is so much to think about...

I cannot forget that family exists, and that from what I see at the moment, the fact that I can finish my degree then get myself into full time employment and support the family seems a priority.
What now?

I also must remember that I wrote that up as MY plan... at this point I have no self assurance that it is God's will, even if that plan sounds grand and awesome.

Well, what I think I really need to do: is to pray and ask God for a lit path for me to follow.
Really though, enough of doubt, God's way is the best way... I really need to just put trust in Him and seek Him out first...

I could be over-reacting, heh, but is no doubt that God should be first and all will follow after.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I still havent made waffles yet...
Ice cream heaps though... green tea ice cream!


Well, the holidays have come...
indeedy-do... the most troubling fact is the FACT that I am somewhat bored at this point.
Most likely because of numerous constraints

1) Well... money is always a constraint
2) I'm not allowed to ride my bike around in free will because mum is afraid of drunken drivers being stupid *sigh*
3) Tasks such as... house chores? Finding work? (which I actually have, but I want another one)
4) Most people still have exams now, fair enough of course

Speaking of which, the last week til portfolio hand in was hell, battling a freaking nasty fever + the little time to get portfolio in was not pleasant. I still clearly remember the two days of delirious shivering and splitting headaches, nausea and all that hoo hah that is not particularly pleasant.

Well at least its over, and I have lots of time on hand now, oh hang on... thats right, I've been bored recently >_>

Ok, enough sarcastic remarks and emo rantings, some NICE things to waffle on about
(mm... waffles, I havent had waffles for a LONG TIME, I must cook some tomorrow!!!)
Lets see:

I've recently taken an interest in singing... now, as odd as it may sound to be, singing is somewhat a really pleasant activity, despite the fact that my singing is lousy, the cool thing is though that some mates seem to be quite encouraging for me to sing, so thats really nice :)
Though I am not too sure if PARTYWORLD is the best place to really start o_o
Right now, the songs that I'm addicted to are

Juunigatsu no Love Song - Gackt
With you - Chris Brown
For you I will - Teddy Geiger
周华健 - 雨人

mm, waffles, oh the cravings!

I've seriously noticed recently, and its either that I'm realising it now, or that these remarks are flying at me more often... but ALOT of people keep saying I look freaking 14 - 15...
Ok... thats a reeeeeeeeeaaaaaalllllllllyy nice compliment (and IM SURE ITS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS THAT YOU LOOK YOUNGER THAN YOUR REAL AGE)
But I really don't know if "You won't be able to find any girl to be your hearts love around your age cause you look too young and thin" is somewhat encouraging...

MEH, not my problem :)

I really want those waffles now... crunchy luscious sweet waffles fresh off the pan, covered with chilly ice cream and the finest of maple syrups.